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The Power of Support: Pharrell Williams Helps Hans Zimmer Overcome Stage Fright

Updated: Jun 22

Hans Zimmer photo (left) by: ColliderVideo. Pharrell Williams photo (right) by: Shawn Ahmed.

It's a beautiful thing when someone you trust steps into help you, right at the moment you need it.

In this case, it was Pharrell Williams helping Hans Zimmer with a well-timed pep talk before a show in Berlin. Zimmer was nervous before his big show and Pharrell helped him to quickly let go of his fear and enjoy the moment by focusing on the music.

When it comes to shifting anxiety and fear, it needs something new to focus on before it relents. In this case, focusing on how much Zimmer loved his music was what made all the difference.

The beautiful thing is that Hans was available to receive Pharrell's wisdom and took it to heart and it helped him have a great show.

It's also wonderful to know that nerves - even extreme nerves - can be overcome!

If you find that nerves, anxiety or stage fright get in the way of you truly shining in your public speaking then watch this video below.

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