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Candas Nichole

I booked the Confidence and Power Strategy Session I booked with Sharleen because her of voice. The moment I heard her voice and knowing what she does I knew I needed what she has. I’ve struggled for a long time using my voice and being confident in my sound and what I have to say. Speaking up for myself in every area of my life. And feel this has been a block in business for me. I received the HOW TO that I feel I needed to move forward. Most people can tell you what to work on and can pump you up with all the good they see in you. However, there aren’t many who can tell you how to bring it all together and next steps. I received it ALL! I would and do recommend Sharleen to everyone who has a voice, hands down!! And even if you don’t have one, she helps you find the power in what you do have . She is truly the Vocal Alchemist

Dior Bingley portrait

Dior Bingley 

After the Seven Superpowers of Sales programme, I've confidently placed an honest price as to the investment amount for the gift of copywriting and editing I share with the world. And I am now able to do this without fear. I'm excited about my life, even if I don't have it all sorted out. I can't even contain the excitement! I've been hiding from myself for so long. And your class gave me the confidence to place an investment on my gift. I never thought my pen was of value, and you turned my gaze to see otherwise. So, once again, thank you so much, Sharleen.

Yolanda Ahadze portrait

Yolanda Ahadzie

I wanted to receive direction on how to approach executive level conversation so i could be heard and respected so I booked a Power & Confidence Strategy Session. What I got from it was so much insight about myself and literally a prescription on how to overcome the internal challenges that that were uncovered. I would absolutely recommend for people to book some time with Sharleen The Vocal Alchemist! Even if you're having some hesitation on whether or not you need it, if you feel drawn to it then you need it. Just follow that because to me, this was a divine appointment. I literally internally asked for help. I never vocalised that, out loud. I asked for help internally, so I knew I needed something. And then the opportunity presented itself to work with Sharleen and I have to use the word divine because this type of insight and coaching is not typical. This is not typical. I've had coaches before but this was a spiritual experience. She's able to provide insight that resonates so deeply with what's really going on. Sometimes it's difficult for people to vocalise where certain things are coming from so having such insight from Sharleen is valuable to me. Thank you so much.

Laurie M.

Sharleen unlocked the hidden potential in my voice, both written and vocal during the Vocal Alchemy VIP Programme.


Before I met her I struggled to clearly and consistently speak about my worth. Since working with her I have been able to close more clients and increase my rates because I am providing a better service.


If you are ready to get exquisitely clear about the value you offer and how to communicate it consistently, then hire Sharleen.

Renata podcast owner portrait

Renata A, Podcast Owner

[Since working with you one to one] I got great reception from my last podcast and great feedback from my peers!

I've received some amazing invitations to speak at conferences from people I really admire professionally.

Regarding my speaking voice in general, I've noticed I'm less anxious and less worried about stating what I want to say.

And I'm also very energetic at the moment. I've been working lots, exercising more and dancing!

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