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Unraveling the Magic of Beyonce's Stage Presence

Updated: Jan 29

Beyonce at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium London 2023

Going to see Beyonce live was a rare treat for me.

I'm aware of the typical schedule of a singer—I know around what time soundcheck would have been—but it was so nice to be on the other side of the stage and just really appreciate what I was about to witness.

The Beyonce gig didn't start with Beyonce being on stage—it started with all of the social media buzz. Her posts, everyone's posts on Twitter, TikTok and then it continued when I got to Tottenham Hotspur stadium. You could see these gigantic pictures of her and the anticipation just kept building. Certain roads around the stadium were blocked off to traffic, it was a special day and it was going to be epic. My family and I watched the stadium fill up and then finally we saw her: Beyonce.

She is fascinating to me. Not just for her on-stage performance but her entire persona. The mystery in which she carries herself informs upon her marketing. Who else drops an entire album with no warning or visuals and then goes on a world tour? Beyonce does and she has used mystery in her marketing to such a powerful degree that it attracts people in their droves. The gig itself was absolute magic and I noticed one thing: I noticed how together Beyonce always is. It fascinates me that a global superstar like Beyonce is able to be as visible as she is - as watched as she is - and yet still maintain her reserve and maintain some of her own energy for herself.

I noticed the look on her face as she sang; cool, reserved, like a pool that is still. There could be so many things happening underneath the surface, but at the surface all is peaceful. It's a beautiful thing to be able to pick and choose what you make available to the public. Beyonce shows you what she wants you to know.

And it is a superpower to be able to do the music industry your way. This is the beauty of the introvert. And I teach this in my ebook and audio masterclass, Introverts: This Is Your Speaking Superpower, where you'll discover how to draw people into your voice and into you (get on the email list below so you get first dibs on this powerful resource). I teach you how to make people sit forward in their chairs without feeling like you need to be extroverted or raise your voice or to project at all. It's a beautiful skill and I noticed that this is what Beyonce does. I don't think it's a tactic or technique; it's just who she is.

The only thing that I detected through her mysterious reserve was how much she loves her work. It was easy to see that she is not jaded. She is as in love with her work as she was on the first day she began and that was a beautiful thing to feel from her.

There are some other things about Beyonce and her voice that mystify me in a magical way. The precise, pristine nature of her vocals and ability to sing in tune, juxtaposed with the 100% ‘I’m all in’ nature of her dance moves, and yet still having a singing voice that doesn’t even sound tired, is amazing. Her breath control is something that is unmatched; I have never witnessed that ever before.

And it is this breath control that makes her voice sound so controlled while she is flinging her hair and doing these amazing moves. If you listen to her voice with your eyes closed, you would never know that she is even moving at all.

The show itself had at least five costume changes throughout the night. I appreciated that she went all out to give us a show and an experience. I saw her magic, her humanness, and it was deeply motivating and inspiring to me. I thought to myself, "If Beyonce can do it, then so can I." I have no desire to become a global superstar, but I do have goals and aspirations of my own, and seeing Beyonce's humaneness made me realize that all of my seemingly outlandish goals just became possible.

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