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Ramona J Smith: The Inspiring Champion of Toastmasters 2018

Updated: Jan 29

Ramona J smith and Sharleen the vocal alchemist interview

I was impressed with Ramona J Smith, the Champion of Toastmasters 2018, even before we sat down to have a chat.

I remember reaching out to her by email to request this interview, thinking that she would never reply. By the way, guys, this is a lesson: if you ever feel like reaching out to somebody you want to interview and think they will never reply, trust me. Shoot your shot. You never know what's going to happen. Ramona replied to me immediately, and I was thrilled when she said yes.

During the interview, it struck me how poised Ramona is. Ramona is the type of person who makes decisions very quickly and is clear-headed. The amazing thing was that even though she had never heard of me before, she trusted me to interview her instantly and that's because she trusts herself.

During the interview, she was really open and spoke about her origins; about things she had struggled with and the moment that led her to decide to change her life.

As I interviewed her, it was very clear to see why Ramona won Toastmasters in 2018. There is a confidence about her that doesn't rely on anybody else's opinion. There's a security in her that comes from within.

She allowed me to read the energy in her voice which revealed a lot about her character. As some of you know, I'm a Reader of Vocal Energy, which means that I can hear the contents of one's subconscious mind in people's voices. So, even if you were telling me your favorite color, I can hear past life events and when they happened. I can hear details of your character and your belief systems. Because of this, I assi£3st my clients in doing the deep work required to be confident and powerful speakers.

If you want to become a Powerhouse speaker, go ahead and repeat your Powerhouse Affirmations with me.

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