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Exclusive: Inside Rita Ora's Coaching Journey and Overcoming Anxiety at the MTV EMA Awards

Picture this: you walk into Rita Ora's dressing room behind the scenes of the MTV EMA Awards where she is getting ready to host and perform.

There's wardrobe to the left of the room. There were clothes being steamed, a makeup artist doing Rita's face and a nail tech doing her hands and feet. In the far corner of the room is the band leader and a couch where I'm sat.

Rita is pulled in several directions and she can only speak, she can't turn her head and see who's talking to her. She has mutiple outfit changes planned for the night, a song to perform and several places she needs to be inside of Wembley Arena, London so she can present the awards show.

As soon as Rita entered into the dressing room, I could feel her nerves. This was her first time hosting an awards show. My role that day was to be her vocal coach.

Amidst the chaos, I was able to help her warm up her voice and I was able to really watch out for her during her camera rehearsals to make sure that she was feeling good and sounding good.

As she was getting ready to perform, her nerves started to escalate and she asked everybody to vacate the room except for me so she could breathe for a moment. As an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner), I know the exact points on her wrist to help her to release overwhelm and stress and anxiety.

As I was tapping on these acupressure points, I remember she looked at me in amazement because she couldn't believe how relaxed and stress free she felt. And she said to me, "I have never been so relaxed 12 minutes before stage. Never!" Result!

Vocals warmed, song rehearsed and it was show time. Right before she performedbI stood by the side of the stage and gave her a little pep talk and she went ahead and did a great job.

In the work I have done with coaching singers and the work I do now to coach business owners and people with corporate jobs to do with their communication and public speaking to accelerate their income, I've realised that nobody's exempt when it comes to nerves or anxiety or any of these things that we as humans deal with. There are also ways to be completely free.

I have a free Telegram group to help you harness the power in your voice to make sales and to become the go-to person to get paid and promoted.

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