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An Inside Look: Singing the Hit Theme Tune for Go Jetters

Source: IMDB

Singing the theme tune for the Go Jetters hit CBeebies cartoon as well as some of the music inside of the episodes itself is probably the piece of work that I'm most proud of.

I had never sung for children's TV before and I quickly discovered that I had to be coached in order to give the executive producers the type of singing that they really wanted.

Whilst I'm very experienced in doing studio work; getting in the vocal booth and giving the sound engineer and artist what they want to hear, this was. very different to what I was used to.

First of all, I want to give massive props to Banks & Wag who composed this amazing piece of music (you can hear the theme tune here). They also coached me on how to give a vocal performance that was appropriate for children's television.

My background is in singing gospel and R&B and I was more sultry and soulful than excitable and ecstatic so I had to be coached on how to sing for kids' TV. Honestly, if you could have seen me in the vocal booth, kind of jumping up and down, imagining myself surrounded by pink glitter and unicorns, it was what I had to do to get the type of vocal I knew was necessary for the show.

I'd do a vocal take and the composers would send it off to the Executive Producers of the BBC where they would give the composers and I their notes. After tweaking things here and there, as well as making sure my pronunciations were super on point, the song was ready!

The reason why I love studio work so much is because I really enjoy using the voice like an instrument. You can be an actress and do voiceover work. You can sing and pretend that you are on a unicorn and be so happy and excitable. You can be sultry and sensual. There are so many ways that you can sing.

I see the speaking voice in the same way. The speaking voice is like a keyboard where you can strike a tone and a certain pitch. You can convey meaning in the most marvellous way based upon how loud or quiet you are or how you're pronouncing your words.

This is how I help you to use your confident voice to get paid and promoted. There is a tone you need to strike, there are content words that you need to say and you need to say them in a particular way from a specific energetic, in order to persuade, influence and make sales.

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