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Lana Del Rey & Overcoming Anxiety: A Journey to Freedom

Updated: Jun 22

Lana Del Rey singing

Photo: By Kim Erlandsen

It's really difficult to be an artist where you feel you've been chosen to say something phenomenal to the world; something that is powerful and life-changing and, at the same time, feel like you don't want the world to look at you. I've definitely felt like this at times. When I was a kid, I used to cry rather than get on stage to sing because the attention felt like pressure. As recording artists, rarely are they equipped to be able to withstand the attention and pressure that their voice inevitably brings.

If you struggle with stage fright, as Lana Del Rey clearly has, the question I have for you is:

  • What is it that you don't want people to see?

  • When people hear you and look at you, what are you afraid that they will find?

I'm watching Lana Del Rey on YouTube accept an award, as I type this, and I can hear in her voice the self-effacing nature of her tone and her body language.

She's receiving this award and I can see her squirming a little under the spotlight as she tries to hide away as much as is humanly possible.

Many of you are in the space of necessity. You're a public speaker delivering a keynote or presentation. It's a required part of the job or it's necessary for your business to have the visibility it needs to bring in revenue. For some of you it's a necessary evil and you'd much rather not be seen at all.

Your freedom depends upon your abandonment of your desire to hide. Your freedom depends upon being so comfortable with your voice, your genius, and with sharing your value that it becomes fun and deeply pleasurable.

Watching this video on How To Embody Real Confidence As A Public Speaker will deeply support you.

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