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Boris Johnson & Leadership Through Authenticity: How to Lead With Integrity and Conviction

Updated: Jun 22

Boris Johnson giving speech

Photo: By Andrew Parsons/Parsons Media

The basic job of a Prime Minister is to run a country. However, when I listen to the energy of Boris Johnson's voice, I hear how important it is for his peers to think well of him.

Unfortunately, when politicians receive voice coaching of any kind, they are taught techniques to persuade the public of how great of a leader they will be based on how charismatic they are. However, we all know that being charismatic does not equate to being able to run a country.

Politicians aspire to be likeable, to appear honest, and to appear relatable. But what is actually happening is a repitition of buzz words and rehearsed inflection, in order to appear as if they are good leaders.

The public want one thing: for politicians to do what they said they would do. In this context, it doesn't matter so much what they appear to be but rather who they really are.

The best orators in the world have no desire for performative dance. Their desire is to express the heart of their vision. When I think of people like Martin Luther King, I think of his heart for people to become united. I can hear his sorrow and heartbreak. I can almost see the vision that he painted for humanity that only he could see the full details of. I can hear his sorrow, his heartbreak.

The greatest speakers truly care about the subject and the people they are speaking of. They have hope, heartbreak, and a personal investment of energy, guts, and boldness. This is why they are so great—they haven't been trained to perform for you; their real desire is to lead.

My question to you is, what do you desire to lead?

What are those things that break your heart?

What are you hopeful for?

What do you have the guts and audacity to say that you can't stay silent about?

How much of your heart is invested in the vision that you desire to depict to the world?

If you want to be a dynamic speaker - even if you find you speak with a lot of uhms and ahs - then watch this video.

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