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6 Practical Steps to Transform into a Morning Person: My Personal Journey

Updated: Jan 29

girl stretching and yawning in bed waking up early to start the day

You've heard many times that being an early bird will make you healthy, wealthy and wise. I don't know about all of that but I will say that I shifted the habit of a lifetime from when I was a professional singer. I worked late, slept late and woke up late. I shifted many habits at this time, including cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol and junk food.

This is how I started waking up early in the morning and actually enjoy it.

  1. Breaking Free from Night Owl Identity: For years, I thrived as a night owl during my music career, performing late into the night and entertaining audiences. However, when I transitioned to the world of business, I realized that my nighttime habits were no longer serving me. My mind was most alert during the daytime hours, and I craved the opportunity to experience more sunlight and productivity.

  2. Identity Shift: Initially, I resisted the idea of becoming a morning person because I believed that success was not a one-size-fits-all formula. I believed that personal success should be based on an individual's unique identity, habits, and routines. It was time for me to redefine my identity and adapt to my new phase of life in business.

  3. Listening to My Body's Signals: As I embarked on my journey to become a morning person, I started paying attention to my body's natural rhythms. I realized that, despite identifying as a night owl, my body consistently signaled its readiness to wind down around 9 pm. Ignoring these signals led to sleep deprivation and reduced productivity.

  4. Creating Supportive Morning Habits: To make the transition to a morning person smoother, I established supportive morning habits. Keeping a tidy kitchen and starting each day fresh helped me feel organized and motivated. Additionally, I began practicing meditation before sunrise, which had a profound impact on my mental and physical well-being.

  5. The Power of Sunrise Meditation: Meditating before the sun rose became an integral part of my morning routine. This practice put me in a state of relaxation, between waking and sleeping, where I felt deeply connected to the Divine. It provided clarity, purpose, and guidance for my day, both personally and in business.

  6. Embracing the Joy of Morning Rituals: What made this transformation sustainable was the sheer joy I found in my morning rituals. I didn't meditate because it was a "success strategy" or a "healthy choice"; I did it because it was fun, it felt like me, and it brought a sense of blissful connection with the Divine.

My journey from a night owl to a morning person has been a testament to the power of adapting to new phases in life and embracing change. It reaffirmed that personal success is not about conforming to someone else's definition but discovering what feels right and aligning with it.

One thing that has truly supported me in planning my new routine is an AI daily planner called Sunsama. I started using it and immediately it asked me what I already gotten done the day before and then asked me to pause and celebrate! I couldn't believe how intuitive and dare I say, kind a planner could even be. It supports me so that I understand how long my tasks actually take and helps me not to over work or over plan.

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