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How to Give Up Sugar: A Personal Journey to Health and Wellness


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Changing my lifestyle from a professional singer on the road to a full-time business owner working from home was a significant transition for me. While I absolutely love the life I've created, I couldn't ignore the fact that I had fallen into unhealthy habits over the years. Late-night eating, occasional fast food indulgences, and a weakness for sweet treats had led to unwanted weight gain and health issues. It was time for a change.

In this blog post, I'll share my personal journey of giving up sugar, caffeine, junk food, and alcohol. I'll discuss the challenges I faced, the strategies I employed, and the lessons I learned along the way.

Recognizing the Need for Change:

Before embarking on my journey to a sugar-free lifestyle, I noticed several issues that prompted me to make a drastic change. I had been experiencing inflammation after a few drinks. Additionally, I had developed a pattern of late-night eating and occasional bingeing, leading to weight gain and dissatisfaction with my body. I was determined to regain control of my health and well-being.

Cutting Out Caffeine and Alcohol:

My journey began with eliminating caffeine and alcohol from my diet. I recognized that these substances were negatively impacting my health. Caffeine was drying out my voice, a critical tool for my career as a singer, and alcohol was exacerbating my health problems. Fortunately, these changes were relatively easy for me to implement.

The Challenge of Giving Up Sugar:

The most significant challenge I faced was eliminating sugar from my diet. Sugar cravings were intense at times! To combat these cravings, I implemented several strategies:

  1. Watching Mukbang Videos: I found that watching mukbang videos, where people indulged in the foods I was trying to avoid, helped satisfy my cravings in a peculiar way. It allowed me to experience the enjoyment vicariously while reinforcing my commitment to abstain. Weird yet true!

  2. Managing Premenstrual Cravings: Dealing with premenstrual cravings was particularly challenging. During these times, the desire for sweet treats was intense. However, I learned that cravings are temporary and can be managed through distraction and self-control.

  3. Joining a 'No Sugar' Community: In my sixth week of the journey, I joined a 'no sugar' community. Being part of a supportive group with similar goals provided structure and accountability to my journey.

  4. Waking Up Earlier: Waking up earlier and structuring my days helped me establish a routine that supported my dietary changes. It allowed me to plan meals, workouts, and work effectively.

  5. Celebrating My Progress: Celebrating small victories along the way kept me motivated and reminded me of the positive changes I was making.

  6. Replacing Sugar with Healthier Alternatives: I realized the importance of finding satisfying alternatives to sugar and what my cravings were really about. I was using sugary, convenience food to satisfy my hunger quickly. That meant I had to make home-cooked meals so that whenever I was hungry during the week, I had something to grab that was healthy and tasty.

Settling into the New Habits:

It took approximately 12 weeks for me to settle into my new habits fully and to actually start enjoying it all. During this time, I noticed significant improvements in my health, weight loss, and overall well-being. Importantly, these changes felt sustainable and enjoyable, which encouraged me to continue on this path.

Looking Forward:

While my journey to a sugar-free, healthier lifestyle was not without its challenges, it taught me valuable lessons. I discovered that cravings are temporary, and managing them is possible through determination and distraction. Additionally, I learned the importance of structure, accountability, and celebrating progress. Most importantly, I realized that nothing is fixed, and positive changes are achievable with commitment and patience.

I NEVER thought I could do this yet I proved to myself that I can! I'm beyond proud of myself for the discipline!

If you're considering making similar changes in your life, remember that it's possible, and the rewards are well worth the effort. Here's to your success!

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