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The Psychology of the Buyer & The Myth of The Like/Know/Trust Principle

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In this Masterclass you will discover: The limitations of the like, know and trust sales model The like, know and trust sales model says people must like, know and trust you before purchasing. But sales actually come from the certainty you embody about your offer's ability to solve your audience's problems. Self-trust builds certainty that attracts clients People lacking self-trust take longer to purchase as they doubt their own ability to succeed. Build self-trust by trusting your inner wisdom and proclaiming your genius. Tune into your inner voice and intuitive knowing Strengthen self-trust by listening to your inner voice and intuitive knowing rather than only external validation. Surround yourself with content about consciousness and energetic mastery. Certainty comes from believing in your inner brilliance Build certainty by believing in your inner genius and higher self more than other people's opinions. People are waiting for you to trust yourself first.

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