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How Being 'Nice' Is Sabotaging Your Communication & Leadership

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This is part 2 to the class, How The Nice Girl Is Keeping You Underpaid. Check that out and then come back to this! In this class you will discover: 1. To learn more about overcoming the "nice girl" persona, get access to Sharleen's portal which contains her masterclasses and community for support. www.sharleenthevocalalchemist/theportal 2. Start embodying feelings of safety, relaxation and freedom when communicating rather than feelings of needing to fight or flee. Filter communication through love and honesty rather than niceness. 3. Let go of old rules from childhood about how one should communicate and express oneself. Step into communicating in a way that is appropriate for who you are now. 4. Practice communicating without needing to prove oneself, negotiate worth, or communicate defensively. Express values and intentions energetically through a relaxed body and mind.

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