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Your Confident Voice That Makes You Money Starts Here


Your inner 'nice girl' is keeping you underpaid.

Your inner 'nice girl' is keeping you underpaid.

Your inner 'nice girl' persona has a tendency to shrink from telling the absolute unfiltered truth about your gold, your wisdom, your expertise, your experience and all of the wonderful things that you have to offer in your business and at work.


This persona has had you underplaying your strengths, your brilliance and your gold for a very long time.


In this portal, you will get access to some amazing master classes that will teach you;


  • the parts of yourself that you have left off of the table;

  • the parts of yourself that you don't communicate

  • the parts of your service that you are not marketing strongly about.

  • the parts of yourself that offer so much value and attract so much cash but you haven't said it


In this portal there are Masterclasses where you will discover;


  • how to convert your audience into sales

  • how to access the abundant mindset of your unlimited potentiality

  • How to stop comparing yourself to other people and to really own your power

  • how to build irrevocable confidence in your communication in your public speaking.

This portal is dedicated to you using your confident voice to make money in your pitches,  presentations, video content creation in your live audio  sessions and on your sales calls.


These classes will teach you how to close more sales how to speak in ways that inspire people to say to you "shut up and take my money"!


Meet Sharleen The Vocal Alchemist

I am Sharleen The Vocal Alchemist.

I help you use your confident voice to MAKE MONEY in business and at work! Think pitching, presenting, closing sales and getting on camera to create content.

I'm a Reader of Vocal Energy, (Psychology BSc) and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. If you tell me your favourite colour, I can hear past life events, your belief systems and characteristics.

I can hear the energy and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from creating what you really want with your voice.

I help you breakthrough limiting beliefs so you speak with the energy of influence, sales conversion and authority so you are always heard, valued, respected and PAID!

I have been on huge stages around the world with some of the most iconic recording artists, such as Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson and Adele and in the studio with the greats such as Andrew Lloyd Webber.
I have coached superstars such as Rita Ora, interviewed the champion of Toast Masters and Ted Talk speakers.


I coach business owners and help them double their income.
My content on vocal health has been recommended to patients by their doctors. There is no area of the voice that I have not witnessed, touched, or experienced.

Enter The Portal To Your Speaking Greatness

In the Gold Membership, you will have access to;

  • All classes in The Portal that are designed to serve you to be your most powerful most best speaker that inspires people to pay you at the level you really want at work and in business.

  • You'll have access to all of the future classes that are updated weekly.

In these Masterclasses, I cover


  • how to speak with confidence,

  • how to speak your value,

  • how to connect and convert your audience into sales,

  • how to quantum leap your income and get to your goals faster,

  • how to develop your intuition for business success,

  • how to stop people interrupting you when you speak,

  • how to pitch your business that inspires people to pay you and invest

  • and so much more.

  • You will also have access to the Powerhouse Community group where you can ask me questions, network and go deeper into your powerful and confident voice.


In the Diamond Membership, you will have access to;


everything that Gold Members have above



Power House Group calls where you can access me personally every month.


On these monthly calls I will be coaching you on; 

  • business strategy

  • how to have the confidence to speak your value unapologetically

  • I will help you refine your presentations and your pitches

  • I will help you to unlock the gold in your speaking voice so that you start speaking the truth of the brilliance that you have to offer so that your customers pay you so that your bosses promote you and pay you well.


So the next step is on you. There is so much untapped potential in your voice that if you were just to open it, unlock it and start speaking from your gold rather than your fears, insecurities, anxieties. And doubts. You will change your entire field of work. Your insights will become so powerful that people will be compelled to follow you once you start to understand how powerful you are, how powerful your leadership is, your superiors at work will not be able to help but notice you and include you in senior level executive communication. You will be seen as the person to promote the person to pay well.


I'll see you on the inside.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    Begin here to use your confident voice to make money. At work, in business and on stage.
    • The entire portal of Masterclasses, updated weekly!
    • Access to the Power House Community group for extra support!
  • Diamond Membership

    Every month
    Want to go even further in making money using your confident voice? Let's go!
    • The portal of Masterclasses with new classes added weekly!
    • Access to the Power House Community group!
    • Monthly group calls for mentoring & business support!
  • Diamonds In FULL

    Get the entire Portal with two months free!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Gold In FULL!

      Gold Membership for 12 months with 2 months FREE!
      Valid for 12 months
      • Access to all audio Masterclasses for a year!
      • Access to the PowerHouse Community group for a year!
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