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Sharleen, The Vocal Alchemist, is a Reader of Vocal Energy and a Voice Coach. She helps women like you to speak to your business audience with power, confidence and love. Sharleen teaches you to use your voice to create wealth and visibility in your business.


She helps you to master your marketing, to close more sales and to clarify your business message.


She reads the energy of your voice, uncovering the hidden causes of your fears, blocks, and beliefs. Once you move past your fears and limitations, it will empower you to reach greater heights of income in your business.


She has been a public speaker for 35 years and a professional singer for 20 years. She worked with platinum-selling artists such as Smokey Robinson, Adele and Jennifer Hudson. There is no area of the voice she hasn't touched, witnessed or taught.


Sharleen's clients make $50K in 30 days, book more public speaking engagements and have the highest ever views on their livestreams. Doctors recommend Sharleen's YouTube content to their patients for their vocal health.


To book a 15 minute Discovery Call to find out how Sharleen The Vocal Alchemist can serve you and your voice, please go here.

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